5 Reasons You Should Have Straight Teeth

Has your dentist ever advised you braces to straighten your teeth even though you never felt anything was wrong with them? We often believe and accept the natural look and appearance of our teeth in the mouth. A titled, crooked, or rotated tooth might appear normal and natural to most people because it has been so in their mouth forever. But, that does not mean that it is not causing harm to your jaws and adjacent teeth.

Let’s look at the advantages of having straight teeth.

  • Easy maintenance- Interesting benefit isn’t it? It is the most important benefit of having straight teeth. It is easy to brush and floss when you have straight and properly aligned teeth. Having a crooked or titled tooth makes it difficult for your brush and floss to reach that area and subsequently leads to poor oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to bad oral odour, gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Clarity in speech- Having titled or crooked teeth in the upper or lower front teeth regions can interfere with your tongue and lips while talking. This leads to lisps, and unclear words thereby causing speech troubles.
  • Less injury to your TMJ (or your jaw joint)- Uneven teeth and an improper bite causes unnecessary stress to your jaw and its associated muscles. This gives rise to TMJ disorders that are characterized by soreness of the jaw, clicking sounds on opening the jaw, persistent head and neck pains and tiredness in the facial muscles.

  • Low chances of trauma- The soft tissues around your mouth and the tissues inside it live in harmony and balance. Misaligned dentition with protruding or crooked teeth are more susceptible to injuries and trauma. Having straight teeth leads to soft tissue protection and reduced chances of injury to the dentition.
  • Better chewing and biting- The most important function of teeth is to help us bite and chew our food. Teeth that are improperly placed or misaligned do not help in chewing or biting and thus the efficiency of the overall chewing reduces.

Apart from functional benefits, straight properly aligned teeth also give an aesthetic look to the entire face including your smile.

Don’t shy away from undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth!

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